They're supporting us

With feelings of great respect and gratitude for their confidence we thank all those who share our enthusiasm and supported us in our endeavours in 2016:

Silver Patrons

  • DEK a.s.
  • Miroslav Kalousek

Bronze Patrons

  • Eliška Hašková-Coolidge
  • Micheale Janečková
  • Ivana Juráňová
  • Ivana Kranichová
  • Squire Patton Boggs Prague
  • PRIVILEQ Luxury Traveling


  • Jan Bárta
  • Karla Bumbálková
  • Vladimír Cíp
  • Miloslav Folprecht
  • Otto Tyller 

We also thank others who wish not to be named. 

Partners of the Patron's Club are:

Patron's club

His name and his music are known to perhaps all lovers of classical music, and not only to them. An immensely versatile and prolific composer, the most often-performed Czech composer worldwide and the most famous of all Czech artists. His music, quintessentially Czech but with enormous international appeal, was and is of tremendous importance for the global perception of Czech culture. Dvořák was considered one of the greatest of composers already during his lifetime, and yet was known for his modesty and his patriotism. And so he is undoubtedly an inspiration for most of us, and not only a musical inspiration.

We are establishing the festival's Patrons' Club in the hope of finding and joining forces with others who, like us, perceive support and development of Czech music and Czech culture in general as an indispensable component of efforts to preserve national identity in a global environment. The Patrons' Club of the Dvořák Prague Festival has set the goal not only of gathering the funds so necessary for assuring the festival's high quality of programming and organization, but also acquiring material and moral support that will help us to further develop the festival and its projects.

The financial resources, experience, knowledge, and personal engagement of members of the Patrons' Club are directed towards the following areas: 

  • care for the cultural heritage and legacy of the most internationally-acclaimed Czech composer, Antonín Dvořák,
  • promotion of Czech musical art both at home and abroad (The Antonín Dvořák Prize)
  • support of young artists, beginning musicians, and young persons having an interest in culture (The Antonín Dvořák Prize, Day D, The Youth club). 

Support from private donors is an important pillar of the festival's stability, accounting for more than 50% of its budget.

Join us in making the symphonies of (not only) your heart sound forth

In a good orchestra you won't find a single instrument, however small, that is superfluous. Under the baton of an experienced conductor all of them without exception touch the heartstrings of listeners unforgettably and in overall harmony. 

For our symphony orchestra of patrons you are important and indispensable. Join us and support a feeling of national pride and identity, so important today, via the works of Antonín Dvořák. Let's let the music of our hearts sound forth together! 

Look through the sections of the patrons' orchestra and find your place according to your own inclinations.

Friend (1.500 CZK or more): STRING INSTRUMENTS
Although string instruments are most numerous in an orchestra and may seem to lack individuality, as a group they often play the main theme. Your role in the orchestra need not be obvious at first glance, but without you it would all be impossible. 

Bronze Patron (20,000 CZK or more): PERCUSSION
Percussion instruments have always maintained the proper rhythm of the orchestra and are unmistakable in the symphonic flow. Thanks to your help in this section it can't happen that the timpani would sound out of the blue at the wrong moment.

Silver Patron (50,000 CZK or more): WIND INSTRUMENTS
If a flute or bassoon player makes a mistake we hear it right away. Therefore a high-quality orchestra has only top-notch wind players. Join them.

Gold Patron (100,000 CZK or more): SOLO PLAYER
Are you not satisfied being one of many? Do you prefer to 'play first fiddle'? Welcome to the leading solo players of our orchestra. 

The membership in the Patrons' Club is intended for individual or corporate donors. Membership is always valid for one calendar year (one year of the festival). The membership contribution has the form of a gift.

I want to know more and become a member

Submitting the form and the request for information does not obligate you to membership.

Contact us

Dvořák Prague Festival Patrons' Club
Akademie klasické hudby, o.p.s. (Academy of Classical Music, public benefit company)
Palackého 1/740, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic
IČ: 26725347, DIČ: CZ26725347 

Robert Kolář, Director of the Academy of Classical Music

Klára Bumbálková, Manager of the Patrons' Club