World-Class Orchestras World-Class Orchestras

During the three-week festival, Prague also becomes a metropolis of world-class orchestras with the Rudolfinum acting as the central hub of various concert tours. The Vienna Philharmonic, the Israel Philharmonic, and the Staatskapelle Dresden (the orchestra known as the “miracle harp”) are just a few of the names that document the premium quality of guest ensembles that have visited the Dvořák Prague Festival. In 2024, the top ensembles will be represented by the Bamberg Symphony and the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, an ensemble from the city associated with fantastic music festivals. 


Year of Czech Music Year of Czech Music

Years that end with the number four are of fateful importance to Czech music, encompassing the dates of the births and deaths of Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvořák, Leoš Janáček, and many other composers. In addition, once every ten years the Year of Czech Music is an opportunity to reflect on Czech music in broader contexts. If you use your imagination, the numeral four looks a bit like a comfortable chair in which you can calmly doze off, but with just a minor graphic adjustment – shifting and slanting the vertical leg – the numeral turns into a lightning bolt symbolising energy and bright light. The Dvořák Prague Festival will offer a bold examination of Czech music and its international aspects. Among others, Bedřich Smetana’s symphonic works will be performed for the first time in the festival’s history.


Chamber Series Chamber Series

The Dvořák Prague Festival Chamber Series has been transformed over time from a marginal affair for a handful of listeners into a real phenomenon. It is now facing the last year of a monumental project that has presented Antonín Dvořák’s complete string quartets played by the best Czech and foreign ensembles. This has all been taking place under the curatorship of the Pavel Haas Quartet, and for the project’s concluding gala concert, its members have assembled an orchestra consisting of all the Czech ensembles participating in the three-year project, along with the current season’s two guest ensembles from abroad. Six string quartets and two guest contrabass players will combine to form a unique ensemble to close the Chamber Series.