Accompanying events

Each year, the festival offers visitors a few auxiliary events. There is always something for history lovers, families with children and music fans, of course. Traditionally, the legacy and works of Antonín Dvořák are interwoven into the programmes of these events.

Aftertalk & Signing

9.9.2019                                                                                                                                                        Aftertalk with TOMÁŠ NETOPIL, chief conductor and music director of the Essen Philharmonic, and pianist IVO KAHÁNEK moderated by Jiří Vejvoda will be held in the concert hall after the concert. Concert detail

12.9.2019                                                                                                                                                                 Aftertalk with violinist GIL SHAHAM, pianist GERHARD OPPITZ and cellist KIAN SOLTANI moderated by Jiří Vejvoda will be held in the concert hall after the concert. Concert detail

13.9.2019                                                                                                                                                           Aftertalk followed by signing with SEMYON BYCHKOV, chief conductor and music director of the Czech Philharmonic, pianist KIRILL GERSTEIN and orchestra concertmaster JOSEF ŠPAČEK moderated by Jiří Vejvoda will be held in the concert hall after the concert. Concert detail

20.9.2019                                                                                                                                              Aftertalk followed by signing with pianist BORIS GILTBURG moderated by Jiří Vejvoda will be held in the concert hall after the concert. Concert detail










Family Day

At this year’s Dvořák Prague Festival, Family Day will once again offer an afternoon of music and other entertainment on Saturday, 14 Sept. at 1 p.m. on the grounds of St. Agnes Convent. On an outdoor stage, visitors will hear a programme by the Prague Saxophone Quartet, then at Talent Stage we are introducing young, talented artists, and the grounds of the convent will be full of fun workshops for children. The programme for the Family Concert has been made to order by a professional musician – the saxophonistand clarinettist Felix Slováček Jr. On Saturday evening on the lovely premises of St. Agnes Convent there will bemusic by Antonín Dvořák and Johannes Brahms as well as a non-traditional form of music making with the participation of the performers and the audience. Children and parents will experience musical moments with violin and beatbox, and they will meet not only the creator of the programme, the clarinettist Felix Slováček Jr., and the pianist Vyacheslav Grokhovsky, but also Mikael Ericsson’s family string quartet and a real Water Goblin and Rusalka from Dvořák’s opera.


Prague Saxophone Quartet


JAN NOVÁK violin
MARTIN KOT accordion

FAMILY CONCERT (tickets only)

Outdoor Stage

8 September 2019, Jan Palach Square (in front of the Rudolfinum)

On Sunday, 8 September at 5 p.m., the opening day of the festival, there will be an outdoor stage on Jan Palach Square in front of the Rudolfinum. The attractive programme will feature a moderator, interesting guests, screenings, and musical performances. Moderated by Jiří Václavek.

5 – 5.30 pm


5.30 pm

Start of the moderated part of the programme

5.30 – 8.00 pm


JAN SIMON festival programme director, KATEŘINA KNĚŽÍKOVÁ soprano, RICHARD SAMEK tenor, ROMAN HOZA baritone, JIŘÍ BÁRTA violoncello, TEREZIE FIALOVÁ piano, IVO KAHÁNEK piano, TOMÁŠ NETOPIL conductor, FELIX SLOVÁČEK Jr. clarinet saxophone, WIHANOVO KVARTETO Wihan Quartet, DAVID MAREČEK CEO of the Czech Philharmonic, TOMÁŠ MOTL Executive Director of CT art Channel,DAVID BEVERIDGE musicologist and expert consultant, MATĚJ DOČEKAL Head of the Musical Archive of the National Theatre, ROBERT KOLÁŘ Director of the Academy of Classical Music

8.00 pm – 9.45 pm


On the Trail of Dvořák

This year, the traditional festival prelude On the Trail of Antonín Dvořák is taking us to Pilsen, a major city of western Bohemia. Although Pilsen is not frequently associated with the composer’s name, during his lifetime it represented one of the most active bastions of the Dvořák cult in the Czech lands. The composer visited Pilsen repeatedly, and he maintained long-term friendly contacts with the musical circles there. He often conducted his major choral works in Pilsen, including the world premiere of his cantata The Spectre’s Bride in March 1885. Besides the hall where that important event took place, we will also be visiting other authentic sites where the composer went during his stays in the city, and all of this will be accompanied by expert commentary from the festival musicologist, Dr. David Beveridge. Naturally, there will also be plenty of Dvořák’s music. The concert’s unusually varied programme has been ‘made to order’ for this event: every work performed will represent the composer’s ties to Pilsen on one way or another. Dvořák himself conducted some of these works there, while others were sung by his daughter Magda, a highly regarded alto. Local musicians also gave performances in Dvořák’s honour, and one of the composer’s librettists came from Pilsen. We hope that these performances in a city the composer liked to visit will make the story of ‘Dvořák and Pilsen’ feel more concrete and will, at least for a moment, help us take an imaginary look back to a time when it was possible to meet Antonín Dvořák when walking through the streets of Pilsen.

Enjoy the walk of Pilsen accompanied by the expert commentary of Dr. David Beveridge. The tour will start (12.40 pm)at the Museum of West Bohemia followed by the walk through Kopeckeho sady. The next stop will take us to Měšťanská beseda with its Great Hall and garden, from which the original building of Měšťanská beseda can be seen. Continue to Waldek Hall (now Alfa Theater), followed by Hotel Slovan, the Art Nouveau pearl of Pilsen and finish with the excursion of J. K. Tyl Theatre (2.20 – 3 pm).

The concert ticket includes the walk with our festival musicologist and its associated excursions.

CONCERT (Dům hudby, 4.30 – 6.30 pm)TICKETS HERE