Becoming a member of the Dvořák Prague Festival Youth Club is fast, simple, and free of charge. If you hold a valid ISIC student card, just fill out the small form on our website and enter the number of your card. After verification of the validity of the card an account will promptly be created for you and instructions for access sent to the e-mail address you give.

I want to become a member of the Youth Club!


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The Youth Club

Tickets at 100 crowns per concert! We gladly welcome to our concert halls all young people interested in classical music and in culture generally. Via the Dvořák Prague Festival Youth Club we offer students not only major discounts on tickets but also many other benefits and associated events.

The Youth Club is intended for all students through the age of 26 who hold valid ISIC student cards. Receipt of student discounts requires registration in the Youth Club, which is free of charge.

Benefits Of Membership

Membership in the Youth Club brings many benefits. For a few crowns you can visit concerts given by world-renowned orchestras, conductors, and soloists. You receive many benefits, advantages, and above all unforgettable experiences in the Dvořák Prague Festival.

What Discounts and benefits does membership in the youth club offer?

  • Special Student Tickets at 100 crowns for festival concerts. (One ticket per concert. Entitles the bearer to any free seat in the hall after the third bell, with no guarantee of a particular seat. Capacity is limited.)
  • A 20 % discount on tickets. (One ticket per concert.)
  • Special offers and last-minute ticket discounts.
  • Encounters with the performers.

Special Student Tickets

Special Student Tickets for 100 crowns to any concert of the Dvořák Prague Festival are offered only to members of the Youth Club. Each member of the Youth Club can order one Special Student Ticket per concert. The ticket does not guarantee any specific place in the hall, but entitles you to take an available seat after the third bell. The number of Special Student Tickets is limited. When arriving at the concert you need to have your ticket and also your valid ISIC card.

Please note: The Student Special is always offered from the date of the announcement of the program and the start of ticket sales for the entire festival. The price of the Student Special will appear to you at the time of purchase after logging in to your customer account. If you are not yet a member of The Youth Club and you want to draw membership benefits, please register!