I.           General provisions and definition of terms

1.1.        “Akademie klasické hudby, z. ú.” [Academy of Classical Music] is an institute with its registered office at Maiselova 25/4, 110 00 Prague 1, Company ID No.: 26725347, registered with the Register of Public-Benefit Corporations administered by the Prague Municipal Court, section U, file no. 527 (hereinafter the “Academy of Classical Music”).

1.2.        The Academy of Classical Music is the presenter of the Dvořák Prague International Music Festival and the international music competition the Antonín Dvořák Prize once per year at venues designated for holding musical cultural events.

1.3.        The “Customer” is a subject that has entered into a purchase agreement with the Academy of Classical Music for a ticket to a concert or other performance organized by the Academy of Classical Music in contracted box offices of the information centers and via the sales department of ENIGOO s.r.o., Company ID: 26480981, registered office: Radlická 3301/68, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha 5 (hereinafter “ENIGOO”) or online at the website www.dvorakovapraha.cz using the sales portal operated by ENIGOO.

1.4.        An “ordinary ticket” is a ticket printed at the contracted box offices of ENIGOO and at places designated for printing of tickets.

1.5.        An “eTicket” is a ticket bearing a QR code, which the Customer receives in PDF format.

1.6.        The Customer consents to all general terms and conditions, which are binding for both parties. The decisive version of the general terms and conditions is the version that is valid as of the date of the rendering of payment of the purchase price of the ticket.

II.          Purchasing tickets

2.1.        The Customer can purchase tickets to concerts and performances of the Dvořák Prague International Music Festival at a box office and pay in cash or by payment card, either following prior internet reservation or without prior internet reservation, or via the internet, and may pay with the following types of payment cards: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, or via the PaySec payment system or following prior reservation, and may pay within the Czech Republic by bank transfer.

III.         Purchasing and payment of tickets purchased online (eTicket)

3.1.        eTickets may be purchased no later than 60 minutes prior to the beginning of the requested performance. Afterward the Customer may purchase only remaining ordinary tickets at the evening box office prior to the performance.

3.2.        In case of the purchase of discounted eTickets (student, disabled, senior, child), when presenting the ticket at the venue, the concertgoer must present a valid ID proving the bearer's eligibility for the discount.

3.3.        When purchasing eTickets, tickets to multiple performances may be purchased through the same transaction. A maximum of 10 tickets may be purchased for each performance in a single transaction.

3.4.        When purchasing eTickets, the Customer is not charged any handling fee beyond the current price of the ticket.

3.5.        After completing the eTicket order form, the Customer is shown the total purchase price the Customer is required to pay. The purchase price stated is the price current for the performance ordered and is a final price, i.e. including any discounts provided. By completing the order from, the Customer agrees to these Terms and Conditions and also to the terms and conditions set forth at the website . The complete terms and conditions of the sales portal are available here:

3.6.        Once the order of eTickets is placed, the Customer is routed to the secure GP webpay payment portal or to the secure payment gateway of the PaySec system, where they make payment.

3.7.        The Customer enters all data necessary for payment of the purchase price of the requested ticket into the GP webpay payment portal or the PaySec system.

3.8.        The Academy of Classical Music is not responsible for the progress of the payment in the GP webpay portal or PaySec system.

3.9.        After paying the purchase price of the eTicket and successfully completing the order , the Customer will be sent a system-generated email message from the Academy of Classical Music consisting of the “Final Statement”, which contains information about the tickets purchased. This “Final Statement” is not a substitute for an ordinary ticket or eTicket.

3.10.      After completing the payment via the GP webpay portal or PaySec system, the Customer is returned to the Academy of Classical Music webpage, where they select the format of display of the eTicket in PDF format. If the Customer is using a smartphone or other electronic device allowing the display of the eTicket, the Customer shall permit shall permit an employee with a reader to check the screen display as a form of verification substituting for a printed eTicket.

3.11.      The eTicket in printed form can be obtained from the order summary screen after logging in to the system under the same user name and password.

3.12.      The QR code on the eTicket, whether printed or displayed on the screen of a mobile device, can be captured by a reading device only once, i.e. upon subsequently presenting the eTicket or a copy thereof, the eTicket or copy presented in this manner will not be considered a valid ticket and entry to the concert hall will not be permitted on that basis, regardless of who presents the ticket in question.

3.13.      The Academy of Classical Music is not responsible for any difficulties caused by unauthorized use or copying of the eTicket. Counterfeiting of tickets is punishable by law. The eTicket is not valid if the data required for inspection are not visible on it or if it has been modified by subsequent changes.

IV.          Internet ticket reservations

4.1.        The Academy of Classical Music allows Customers to reserve tickets online for a selected performance at their discretion.

4.2.        When making internet ticket reservations, the Customer selects the desired performance, time, specific location in the concert hall, customer category, application of discount coupons, and method of delivery and payment of tickets. When opting to retrieve tickets at the box office, a discount coupon can be applied only at the time of retrieval.

4.3.        After making reservations, the Customer receives an email message containing the “Final Statement” which contains a unique reservation number and shall provide this number when opting to retrieve the tickets at the box office. On the basis of this number, the box office attendant sells the customer the reserved tickets in question.

4.4.        The “Final Statement” email, which the customer receives after making an internet reservation, also contains information about the final deadline for retrieving tickets at the box office prior to the start of the performance. In the event that the Customer fails to retrieve the tickets according to the instructions, the Academy of Classical Music shall be entitled to sell the tickets to another customer.

4.5.        The Academy of Classical Music is not responsible for inaccurate data entered by the customer at the time of making the internet reservation (date, time, performance, location in the concert hall).

V.           Other conditions

5.1.        When tickets are being checked, the Customer shall provide either a valid ordinary ticket or an eTicket with a QR code printed from a PDF file or on a smart phone or other mobile device screen that enables displaying eTickets.

5.2.        The Customer is entitled to occupy only the seat designated on the ticket.

5.3.        The Customer is required to have the valid ticket available for the entire duration of their attendance at the performance. In the event of loss of a ticket anywhere within the paid zone of the concert venue, the Customer may be told to leave the premises without any reimbursement.

5.4.        By purchasing an ordinary ticket or eTicket, the Customer agrees to observe the Visitors’ Rules and Procedures for the entire duration of their visit to venues designated for concerts, wherever posted.

5.5.        The Academy of Classical Music reserves the right to relocate inappropriately dressed Customers outside the field of view of the camera if a concert is being filmed for television. This shall be done without any right to financial compensation for seats in a lower price category and without any right to a refund of the price of admission.

VI.          Protection of personal data

6.1.        In accordance with Act No. 110/2019 Coll. on the Processing personal Data and in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parlament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, by completing the purchase eTickets or reservation of ordinary tickets via the internet, the Customer gives the Academy of Classical Music their consent to process their personal data to the extent of the Customer’s first name, last name, email address, telephone number, and any other applicable data listed in the registration form for the purpose of completing the sale of e-tickets or the reservation of ordinary tickets via the internet, or for the purposes of claims of refunds or requesting information on the cancellation of performances, for a period of one year. The Academy of Classical Music warrants that the personal data in question are considered strictly confidential and will not be provided to any other subject. All personal data are kept strictly confidential and will be used solely for the purposes of the Academy of Classical Music.

6.2.        In accordance with § 7 of Act No. 480/2004 Coll. on Certain Information Society Services, all of the data listed in the registration form are compiled and processed exclusively for the purposes of sending commercial messages to the data subject using electronic means of communication until such time as the data subject directly and effectively submits information to the data controller indicating that they do not wish the commercial information to continue to be sent to them by the data controller, for a maximum period of 5 (five) years. Summarized data from this form can be used by the controller for statistical purposes for the internal needs of the Academy of Classical Music.

6.3.        Data that will serve for payment of the purchase price of the eTickets are provided directly to companies operating secure internet payment portals and the Academy of Classical Music does not have access to this data. This data is protected in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the operators of these secure internet payment portals.

VII.        Procedure for Refund Claims

7.1.        Purchased tickets cannot be returned or exchanged.

7.2.        No replacement is provided for lost tickets.

7.3.        If an incorrect amount of money is deducted from the Customer's account after payment for tickets is rendered using a payment card at a box office or when purchasing from the online shop of the Academy of Classical Music, the Customer is only entitled to claim a refund with the bank that issued the payment card used by the Customer for payment of tickets or through the contractual partner ENIGOO in accordance with its terms and conditions.

7.4.        The presenter reserves the right to change the programme and performers.

7.5.        If a performance is cancelled for which the Customer has already purchased an ordinary ticket or eTicket, the Customer is entitled to a refund of the price of admission under the following conditions:

a)           If the ticket was purchased in the Dvořák Prague Festival Ticket Centre or at contracted box offices, the Customer shall return to the box office where the ticket was purchased without undue delay for a refund of the price paid.

b)           If the ticket is an eTicket (purchased online), the Customer shall submit a written claim for a refund of the price paid by postal payment order or by bank transfer.

VIII.       Concluding provisions

8.1.        These General Terms and Conditions apply to all business transactions completed between the Academy of Classical Music and the Customer.

8.2.        The Academy of Classical Music reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time. The Academy of Classical Music will announce changes to the conditions and their effective date in a suitable manner on their website at www.dvorakovapraha.cz.

8.3.        These General Terms and Conditions took effect on 15 December 2020.


Prague, 1 December 2020

Academy of Classical Music