Another year is waiting for us!

Even in 2019 we will meet in concert halls, but we will not tell you yet more than the date. Ticket sales start on March 26, 2019. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Antonín Dvořák III. Memoirs

You will receive the book Confession in F Major by Antonín Dvořák III as a gift if you decide to become a Friend of the Festival, thereby symbolically continuing the support that he had formerly devoted to the Dvořák Prague Festival himself.

Everyone can be a patron

Did you enjoy the festival? You can also become a patron and support Dvořák's Prague in other years. Being a patron is more affordable than it may seem.

My festival seat

Get your own personal seat at the Dvořák Prague Festival along with the certainty that whenever you come to our concerts, you will always get the seating of your choice.