My festival seat

You can please yourself or those dear to you by reserving a popular seat at the Rudolfinum or at the Saint Agnes Convent for concerts of the Dvořák Prague Festival. Then, whenever you come to festival concerts, you can be sure that you will always get a seat that is to your liking. By adopting a festival seat you are helping us, and in return you will receive:

  • A reservation of a selected seat in the hall for all Dvořák Prague Festival concerts in that hall during the given year. The reservation is valid for two months beginning with the publication of the festival programme and the launching of ticket sales.
  • Inclusion in the list of supporters on the official Dvořák Prague Festival website.
  • Inclusion in the list of supporters in daily concert programmes.

By adopting your own seat in the hall, you will be contributing towards the rental of concert halls and rehearsal space. Each year, these costs approach a total of three million Czech crowns. The revenue from ticket sales, however, covers only approximately 24% of the festival’s total costs.

You can adopt a seat in the hall for CZK 750 – 4,000. A contribution takes the form of a gift.

To download an information brochure and registration form in PDF format,


Friend's club

Do you love Dvořák? Do you sense the value of his artistic legacy and root for our festival? Then there’s a place in our ‘orchestra’ of patrons waiting just for you. We continue to seek new members who will join us in bringing to life symphonies of (not only) our hearts, because patrons like you are immensely important to us: as much as 50% of the festival’s budget comes from partners and from you, admirers of the bequest of Dvořák and fans of the Dvořák Prague Festival.

Which instrument will be yours?

In a good orchestra you won't find a single instrument, however small, that is superfluous. For us, too, every supporter is important and indispensable. Have a look through the sections of our ‘patrons’ orchestra’ and chose your own place in it.

The STRING SECTION is prepared for Friends of the Festival (CZK 1,500 and up)
Though string instruments are most numerous in an orchestra, and individuality might seem to get lost among them, as a group they often play the main theme. Your role in the orchestra need not be obvious at first glance, yet without you it would all be impossible. 

The PERCUSSION SECTION  is reserved for Pawter Patrons (CZK 5,000 and up)
Percussion instruments have always maintained the proper rhythm of the orchestra and are unmistakable in the symphonic flow. They are the beating heart of a musical organism. Thanks to your help in this section it can't happen that the timpani would sound out of the blue at the wrong moment.

The WIND SECTION brings together Copper Patrons (CZK 10,000 CZK or more)

If a flute or bassoon player makes a mistake we hear it right away. Therefore a high-quality orchestra has only top-notch wind players. You can be among them.

The majestic KEYBOARD section belongs to Bronze Patrons (CZK 20,000 and up)
Piano, organ, harpsichord, or celesta can change the orchestra’s sound in unexpected ways and enhance it with a unique character. Sit down to a keyboard or manual and give our orchestra wings.

The royal HARP symbolises Silver Patrons (CZK 50,000 and up)
The harp holds a special place among the community of instrumental sections. Its gentle power penetrates reliably even through the massive sound of the whole orchestra. It symbolises the ancient Czech castle Vyšehrad and mythical Czech singers. Let its unique voice be heard.

SOLO PLAYERS are exceptional, just as are Gold patrons (100,000 CZK or more): SOLO PLAYER
Are you not satisfied being one of many? Do you prefer to 'play first fiddle'? Welcome to the leading solo players of our orchestra. 

The membership in the Patrons' Club is intended for individual or corporate donors. Membership is always valid for one calendar year (one year of the festival). The membership contribution has the form of a gift.

How do we utilize your support?

Our goal is not only to raise the funds so necessary to assure the festival’s quality in programming and organization, but to find support—both material and moral—that will help us develop particular projects closely tied to the festival. We direct the financial gifts, experience, knowledge, and personal engagement of members of the Patrons' Club to the following areas:

  • care for the cultural bequest and legacy of Antonín Dvořák, the most esteemed Czech composer worldwide (the Dvořák Prague Festival),
  • promotion of Czech musical art both at home and abroad (the Antonín Dvořák Prize), and
  • support for young artists, beginning musicians, and youth having an interest in culture (The Antonín Dvořák Prize, Debut Day, and the Youth Club).

I want to know more and become a member

Submitting the form and the request for information does not obligate you to membership.

Book Confession in F Major

Every fan of classical music will enjoy the book of memoirs of the grandson of the composer Antonín Dvořák titled Confession in F Major. Together with it, you will be receiving or giving a membership in the Club of Friends of the Prague Festival.

Antonín Dvořák III died in the spring of 2017. He left behind memoirs in the form of a confession completed half a year before he passed away. His choice of the key F major was not random. As he himself wrote, it is the key of Dvořák’s American Quartet, and it was while listening to that piece that he first became aware he was a descendant of such a famous musician. Antonín Dvořák III did not inherit musical talent, but instead he gave support to those who played a role in preserving the Dvořák legacy. He took part in the inception of the Dvořák Prague Festival, was an honorary member of the festival team, and participated in the festival from the very first concert of the first season. It is therefore no surprise that he also entrusted his manuscript to the festival team, and it was published in the spring of 2018 as a book supplemented with photographs from his family archives and with a complete family tree.

The price of the book and a basic membership in the Club of Friends is CZK 1,500. A contribution takes the form of a gift.

I want to become a Friend of the Festival and get a book of memories of Antonín Dvořák III.

Submitting the form and the request for information does not obligate you to membership.

Magazine of Academy of Classical Music

Treat yourself or a friend to a subscription to the Magazine of the Academy of Classical Music and at the same time support the Dvořák Prague Festival. Beginning in 2018, we are preparing the magazine for our readers twice a year. Together on its pages, we can take a look at the festival programme and get a backstage glimpse of the preparations. Interviews and articles with a lifestyle flavour will introduce you to important artists and figures from the world of classical music, and you will learn a bit of history. We will also devote significant room to philanthropy. In addition, we will keep you informed about the most interesting events in the world of classical music that are tied in with the festival and the activities of the Academy of Classical Music.

Join the supporters of the festival and order our magazine. You will then be mailed both issues we are publishing in 2019. As a bonus, you will also get the complete volume of 2018 issues of the Magazine of the Academy of Classical Music.

A subscription for one calendar year costs CZK 750. A contribution takes the form of a gift.

I want to get Magazine of Academy of Classical Music

Submitting the form and the request for information does not obligate you to membership.

Contact us

Dvořák Prague Festival Patrons' Club
Akademie klasické hudby, z. ú. (Academy of Classical Music, public benefit company)
Malostranské nám. 23/37, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic
IČ: 26725347, DIČ: CZ26725347 

Mona Janovská, Fundraising Manager 

They're supporting us

With feelings of great respect and gratitude for their confidence we thank all those who share our enthusiasm and supported us in our endeavours in 2018:

Gold Patrons

  • Vladimír Dlouhý

Silver Patrons

  • DEK a.s.
  • Miroslav Kalousek
  • Helena a Jaroslav Uhlířovi

Bronze Patrons

  • Eliška Hašková-Coolidge
  • HKDW Legal s.r.o., Attorneys-at-law
  • Zuzana Janečková
  • Ivana Juráňová
  • Ivana Kranichová
  • Vít Škop

Cooper Patrons

  • Jan Štěrba
  • Luboš Veselý


  • Jana Balšánková
  • Jan Bárta
  • Karel Bouček
  • Radka a Josef Bínovi
  • Karla Bumbálková
  • Vladimír Březa
  • Miluše Devátá
  • František Drs
  • Zdeňka Hanzliková
  • Cyril Höschl
  • Marie Hrušková
  • Alexandr Kadavý
  • Jaroslava Kubátová
  • Ida Kučerová
  • Jarmila Krauskopfová
  • Jitka Kratochvílová
  • Milan Kroulík
  • Simona a Karel Ksandrovi
  • Renata a Bohuslav Ledlovi
  • Jan Litomiský
  • Milena Pavlíková
  • František Staněk
  • Pavla Strnadová
  • Jolana Šoltészová
  • Otto Tyller
  • Luboš Veselý
  • Petra a Stanislav Vohankovi

Festival seats were adopted by

  • Tereza Čížková
  • Martin Chromec
  • Idealisti, s.r.o.
  • Alexandr Kadavý
  • Kateřina and Tadeáš Kopeček
  • Jan Ksandr
  • Jaroslav Scharf
  • Valentin Stroyakovski
  • Olga Trnková
  • Barbara a Radka Vondrašovy

We also thank others who wish not to be named. 

Partners of the Patron's Club are: