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Family Day, Accompanying Programme
Sunday, September 17, 2023, 10.00 am
For the Future Dvořák Prague Family Day

Programme in Czech language only

Free admission – without a prior reservation


10.00: theatre performance of Swan Lake (outside - in front of Rudolfinum)11.15: Creative Workshops on the theme of Swan Lake (inside Rudolfinum)

Dvořák Prague Family Day introduces children and their parents to the world of classical music in a fun way. Under both the open sky and in concert halls, they learn not only about Antonín Dvořák, but also about his contemporaries, fellow composers, personal friends and Prague as it was during Dvořák’s lifetime.

Just like last year when children could watch Rusalka staged on the stairs of the Rudolfinum, this year they can watch Odette and the Prince from Swan Lake, made famous by a ballet the music of which was composed by Dvořák’s close friend, P. I. Tchaikovsky. This fairy-tale story, which does not end very well, similarly to Rusalka, will be presented to children and their parents by ‘Docela velké divadlo’ (Quite a Large Theatre) from Litvínov. Don’t worry, though, just like last year, the version of the story staged for us will have a happy ending. After all, it is a fairy tale, so it must end well!

Swan Lake will also be the theme of music and drama workshops for the youngest children, led by Lenka Pospíšilová, taking us to the world of enchantment and magic. We will try our hands at playing various instruments, we will dance, and we will listen together. How can we tell a fairy tale without using words? Through music, movement or miming? Which instrument would a sorcerer take into his hands, and how would a girl in the body of a swan move around?

  • Dress code: casual


Creative Workshops

Docela velké divadlo

Information about the theater group will be added soon.


The Rudolfinum is one of the most important Neo-Renaissance edifices in the Czech Republic. In its conception as a multi-purpose cultural centre it was quite unique in Europe at the time of its construction. Based on a joint design by two outstanding Czech architects, Josef Zítek and Josef Schultz, a magnificent building was erected serving for concerts, as a gallery, and as a museum. The grand opening on 7 February 1885 was attended by Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria, in whose honour the structure was named. In 1896 the very first concert of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra took place in the Rudolfinum's main concert hall, under the baton of the composer Antonín Dvořák whose name was later bestowed on the hall.